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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Oh, the holidays!

Wow! I thought life with 3 kids was busy! Now throw in the holidays and you are ready for some real craziness.

This year we had planned to drive out to Ben's family's house for Thanksgiving in the afternoon and then we were hosting Thanksgiving for my side of the family at our house! I was very excited about this!

Well, as usual, everything didn't turn out exactly how we planned and we ended up staying at our house and only having one Thanksgiving dinner which was a nice chance of pace (and wonderful since I have two nappers right now - nap time is sacred around here now!)

I had so much fun making dinner with my mom. The night before I got everything ready by brining the Turkey and then made Pioneer Woman's roll dough and shoved it in the fridge for the next day. I also whipped up some sweets that I let the kids try and it made them VERY excited for the next day.

The next morning my parents came over and it was so weird to not be running all over. We had planned on my parents baby sitting the turkey while we went to see Ben's side of the family, but I ended up staying while home with my parents while the kids slept and Ben ran over with Kobe to see his mom and dad. Talk about a low key holiday for us! Ben and I enjoyed it so much and the kids had a great time too. Kenny seems to be obsessed with my dad and he is a great sport about it.

Dinner turned out so good, if you ever wonder if you should brine a turkey or not go for it! I also made Pioneer Woman's Corn & Wild Rice casserole. It was wonderful. The pies that everyone brought were wonderful and all of our kids had a great time trying all the food.

We had 13 people over for dinner (5 were just us). We had a great Thanksgiving, but didn't end up taking too many pictures. The pictures we did take can be see over here.


On another note, life has been crazy as usual. Kobe is having a great time in school, I am still working on getting Kenny & S into school a couple days a week - but I think they are having fun together being at home with me for right now. I don't think Kenny has ever had a stay at home mom but he has adjusted wonderfully and it is helping with that parental bond.

Our kids crack us up every day with their shenanigans that they get into. Kenny now helps "jail break" S out of her crib - well, he did once, then the next morning when they tried it again I put a stop to it. It wasn't the safest idea. :) They are a handful but we love them very much. Kobe enjoys having a boy in the house.

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving...OH! and...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY KENNY!!!! He turned 4 years old today.


Shelly Marie said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY KENNY!!! We love you!!! =)

Vicki Aeschliman said...

Happy Birthday Kenny!!!!! We love you.

Aunt Vicki and Uncle Dave

I'm glad you had a low key thanksgiving. So did we and we so enjoyed it. My friend brined a turkey and she said it was very good. You should publish your recipes that you liked. They sounded good.

Becca B. said...

You sound so calm and collected, apparently being a mom of three suits you.

gram said...

We had a good time at Vicki's on Thanksgiving and the food was also great.Glad you had a good time with your family. Your dinner also sounded good.