"God gives us dreams a size too big so that we can grow into them."

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

The Saga Continues...but maybe in a different way

I noticed that I never posted how S's appt with the surgeon that removed her tumor went. Turns out S is going great. The blood test came back good, he took a look at the scar and said it was everything they could hope for and was also amazed that she was potty trained. It is actually a big funny story that I have told a few people but I am too tired right now to get into it. Everything is good though and he said that he doesn't need to see her again. The chances of the tumor coming back are as close to zero as they could be and her feet turning in is a completely didn't unrelated issue.

After this appt I knew it was all over. Because the "medical neglect" not causing any damage to S means the courts will not care. In the words of S's attorney, "We already know she has crappy parents, she is in foster care."

Lovely quote huh?

Anyway, since S went home for Christmas, which went fine btw, I have been embracing reality and my pleas to God that "I would get on the winning side of this" seem to have been heard because I am at peace. I know S is going home. I feel like she is going home-which is what I needed. I needed to feel it for it to be real to me. I have been working on my relationship with her Mom and she has reached out to me in several ways that I appreciate. When I say I am at peace I mean it. God has a plan.

Now, onto K. K was only supposed to be here for 2 weeks. Now he has been here two months, by our choice. Ben & I love K. The best way to describe how we feel about him is "protective". K needed a voice. He needed someone to stand up for him, and I did that. I made sure that he was not going back to that horrible home and it is official. He, nor any other foster child, will be going back to that woman. K's adoption worker called me yesterday and boy was that interesting. Interesting facts:

#1 - K adoption with the bad foster mom was within two weeks of being finalized when he was pulled out of the home.

#2 - The adoption worker wants to come out this Wednesday to take a picture of him to be on M.AR.E.

#3 - You will have to click here to read about.