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Friday, October 1, 2010


We kinda have a lot going on over here.

That's pretty normal though.

2 weeks until S's hear at which they are supposedly "prepared to put services in place so that she can be returned home." we'll see.

I turned in a report to the court concerning what has gone on in her case, all revolving around her uncle that "they didn't want to hear about anymore".

According to Gma, the Uncle just checked himself into rehab for the next year so I don't know if that will wipe out any issue that is brought up or not.

I was thrilled to hear that he did that, and I hope it is true. It may just be the answer to prayer we have been hoping for if they return her to that house.


Unknown said...

All things work together for good!

Just putting services in place doesn't hold a lot of water, since the birthfamily has to prove that they can raise the child.

Pumpkin patch looks fun! It's still nearly 90 degrees here in Texas!