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Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Almost there...

This morning Kobe & I went to our new house for the final walk through and tommorrow morning at 9 am ben & I will be closing on the house (which means lots of papers to sign!)
So anyway, that is exciting. I have been working on cleaning and packing, I need a lot more boxes, but everything is going good.
Last night we had this crazy storm roll through, VERY strong winds, hail, and tornado sirens (but no tornados). Earlier that day Kobe had dropped one of his toys off the balcony and of course as soon as buckets of rain are coming down Kobe is begging Ben to run out in the rain to get it. He waited until the rain let up and ran out and got it. Crazy night.


Wentzel Weekly said...

I am glad no tornadoes hit!! Scary! I don't ever enjoy that! That is funny about Kobe's toy:)!
Can't wait for the house to be official! So exciting!! Love you guys!

Leah W said...

yes, our closing has been pushed back to 10am from 9am, but at least it is still tomorrow!!!