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Thursday, May 17, 2007


Yea!!! The house is FINALLY ours! We had signing at 10 am and all is finished. After we left I met my mom and she went with me to our new house and helped me cleaned (she did so much!) and her and my aunt di are coming over tommorrow to paint the bedrooms. We are decorating Kobe's room in a sophisticated spiderman theme (if that is possible). Mostly we are doing his room in grey tones and such, we will post pictures as soon as we get it going. For our bedroom I chose a nutural brown tone that I plan on pairing with chocolate brown & a shade a blue that I have started to like. The office/spare room is going to be painted the same as our master bathroom, I don't know how that is getting decorated yet though.
Everything else is staying the off white that it is right now.


siretap said...

Papa and I am SO glad for you, finally having your own home. It's a wonderful step for you. There is something about owning the roof over your head that give such a feeling of accomplishment.

Leah W said...

Thanks :)