"God gives us dreams a size too big so that we can grow into them."

Friday, May 18, 2007


Well, today my mom and Aunt Di painted ALL the bedrooms for me! What an amazing thing, I appreciated it so much. Kobe's room turned out really cute, once we get the molding up and the spiderman decals on the walls I will post some pictures.

Kobe (aka Mr. Sneaky) was up to his usual antics today. After my mom and Aunt Di left Bobbie was cleaning the carpet in the family room and I was cleaning the little bathroom. I walked out to see what Kobe was up to and noticed that the door to his room was shut which I thought was weird so I went in and looked around. To my right there was a L shaped swipe in the newly painted wall and a dime size circle of paint on the carpet. At first I didn't know what happened and then it dawned on me. I went out to the kitchen and asked kobe, "did you touch the paint in your room?" he nervously said "yes". Then I asked his, "did you wipe your finger off on the carpet" to which he replied "I didn't mean to." So anyway, all the rooms look great and Kobe put his own special touch on his wall.

Kobe's bed got here today too which I was excited about and God blessed us by having them order the wrong bed and us getting a nicer one for the same price! Now he has a bunk bed with a twin size top and a full size bottom that is a futon. The one we ordered was not a futon. So that was neat that now kobe will have a little couch in his room instead of just a bed. It is so neat that God chooses to bless us with something even better that what we thought we wanted.