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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Ben and I may have a little different of an eye for photography :)

Ben loves to capture a beautiful sunset.
I like taking pictures of children with bubble beards.
Ben sees the beauty in the way twilight hits the side of a barn.
I like funny hats and cute faces.
Ben catches that angle that pulls you into a picture.
I catch my son wearing his school shirt as pants.
Yes, our angles, subjects and abilities may be different but we both do love each others pictures :)


Leah Wentzel said...

lol, lindsay you caught me late in my daily post!!! I saw you comment on my last post-I better get with it :)

i like it that someone notices though-i check your blog daily too!

Cindy I read your comment as well on my last post-I loved seeing your three last night too-thanks for praying for us as we continue our plans to become foster parents! Your prayers for whatever comes our way will help so much!

Alyssa, we love you guys too :)

Lauren said...

I love both of your pics as well!!!

Lindsay said...

:) Cute post!

Shelly Marie said...

Cute pictures of Kobe!!!

Ben, I like your pictures too!!! =)

cindy said...

I love to see someones photos, it is a glimps in to someones heart and mind. I love what I see in all my children.
Love you,

Rebekah said...


Vicki Aeschliman said...

I love them both but I tend to love photos of people

Alyssa said...

Cute post:). Chris and Ben both enjoy the scenic pictures:). I am like you, Leah. I love taking pictures of people.

It is their creative side that they both have that helps them take such great scenic pictures. Us four would make a great business team:)

gram said...

I also love pictures of people. I enjoy looking at different scenes but the ones I keep are of people.