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Friday, October 31, 2008


Ok, this is kinda lame to post on my regular blog, but it is a really good deal!

Right now Jell-O is $.50 at Meijers.
If you buy three-after you pay for them-a coupon for $2 off your next shopping trip will print off from the Catalina Printer that is beside EVERY receipt machine.

The thing that make this a GREAT deal is that Meijers has a coupon on their website in the Meal Box  that is for $1.50 off two of these boxes of Jell-O.

So, you go to the Meal Box, click the specials tab-then go to the third page in Specials and find the Jell-O Coupon and hit print, a tiny window will come up with a picture of the coupon and the you print that off.

You have to but 3 Jell-Os at a time to get the $2 off coupon.

Buy 3 Jell-Os at $.50 ea.
Give the cashier the coupon. (Now your total is Zero)
After they cash you out your $2 off coupon will print.

$0 out of pocket and you get $2 & free jell-o  :)

I imagine the Jell-O sale ends this Saturday (Nov 1st)


Alyssa said...

wish we had a Meijers:). Okay, I posted some pics of the kids in the costumes...where are yours? LOL

love you! hope you guys had a fun night!

Melissa said...

wow THANKS for posting!! also... I love your blog layout! I think I'm going to go the website you used and try some of theirs. Mine didn't work out all that well!

Alyssa said...

still waiting...:)

Unknown said...

yay fee jello! :D