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Sunday, November 2, 2008

Halloween! Trick-or-Treating!

I usually am a little more prompt with my posts :) but I was gone all day yesterday with a friend of mine.  I think I have spoiled you all with my daily posting :P

Here are the pictures Alyssa, I'm glad Hannah & Kendra had fun!

Trick-or-Treating was SOOOOOOOOO fun and the kids had a blast...run run run...


Lindsey said...

thats great! I love the pictures!

Alyssa said...

Thanks, Leah:)...I am loving the last picture of Brook. Cracked up up this morning!:) LOL
It makes me laugh that as the kids get older they run to each house. I remember doing that. Kendra isn't there yet. Next year she will probably do the same thing:).
Where did you guys go? Whose neighborhood is that? I loved the Gingerbread man...cute.
Great pictures! Thanks again:)! You do spoil us with your daily posts. Thanks
Love you! Have a great day!

Leah Wentzel said...

This was the first year that the kids ran-I think it was because there were older kids with them, brook's cousins.
I loved the running pictures, so cute and shows the urgency to get to all the houses :)
We go to alot of neighborhoods that surround Shelly & Jay's house.
Love you guys-we missed you today


gram said...

I had such a great time at Cindy and Mark's home this past weekend and how I loved watching the little ones tricker treat. They were so excited and their faces had such cute expressions. I loved being able to spend time with all the grand children and great grand children. We did miss Chris and Alyssa and Kendra and Grant. Hopefully we will see them soon. Leah you did a great job on all the pictures you showed last night at Cindy's party. Shelly and Leah you put on an awesome party.