"God gives us dreams a size too big so that we can grow into them."

Monday, November 3, 2008

Things to be thankful for.

Every year this time of year brings so much anticipation in our house.  We *heart* the holidays VERY much...
We love the time together...the celebrations...seeing family...we love everything about the holidays from Halloween to New Years!

This month in Celebration of Thanksgiving I will try EVERY DAY to add something I am thankful for...I am sure I will have too many things to even list...God is so good to ALL of us :)

My thing to be thankful for today is a certain aspect of Ben, my hubby.  I am thankful for the relationship he desires to have with our son.  Ben is a wonderful Dad, Husband & Provider but those things wouldn't be there without the desire God has put in him to love us~!  And the desire Ben has to be with Kobe, get to know him, play the things he likes to play and just love on him is more than a mom could ever ask for.  That desire over shadows the other desires Ben has to spend his time doing thing he likes, what a sacrifice, what love, what a GREAT GOD to put that in him.  Like I said, God is so good...to ALL of us.  Especially those of us who have PRESENT husbands and fathers in our lives.

Here are some shots from Saturday.  The Point is starting a basketball/cheerleading thing that will be every Saturday for Dec. & Jan. I think.  The kids come and are evaluated and broken up into teams that will be fair I guess.
Ben had a great time being able to be the one there with Kobe and loves watching Kobe's skills :)

And, thanks Grandpa for organizing these things for the sports programs at church!  Just as the kids had a BLAST at T-ball I know Kobe will enjoy B-ball!


Alyssa said...

That is such a great post, Leah! What a great idea!! We are all so blessed! Thanks for sharing.
I love the new pictures of Kobe. I LOVE his big grin with his cute eye dimples he has always had.

Love you:)

gram said...

Love your posting. I agree Ben is an awesome person and such a great father and also such a sweet loveable grandson to me.

gram said...

I forgot to tell you. I love all the pictures of Kobe playing basketball. Kobe looks like a great ball handler.

Jenny Anne Photography said...

your kid is so freaking cute!
He's definitely got the Wentzel smile.