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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Happy 50th Birthday Cindy!!!!

I hope you have a wonderful birthday!  Some time Thursday I will wonder over with Kobe-I have a birthday surprise for you I think you will like!!!

Thankful For:
(I always make these posts and then have to come back and add what I am thankful for because I forget to do it when I am posting them-how easily I forget)

I am thankful (beyond words I can express) for the day Kobe got saved.  The first week of K4 Kobe got saved in school during nap time.  He told me about it that day or a day later, I don't remember, and I waited to tell everyone because I wanted to make sure he understood what that meant.  Well, Kobe didn't wait because he beat me to telling even Ben.

That day I know Kobe truly got saved.  He talks about God all the time, and Satan, and seems to have a good grasp on what everything means.  He knows God is real and I am so thankful that his school backs this up as well.  

A while back I woke up with a pinched nerve in my neck that hurt so bad I would scream when I moved, obviously that would be very scary to a 5 year old.  As I was crying and was getting ready to go to the chiropractor I found Kobe in the living room crying and praying to God, asking HIM to heal me.  As sad as it was to see my little boy scared I cannot tell you how thankful I was that he had ran to God to help.  

I pray that Kobe grows up with a faith that is unfaltering, eyes that can see the needs of others and the knowledge to know what to do to help.  I pray for wisdom beyond his years and a relationship with God that will come before all else.  I know God has started this work in him, I can't wait to see it grow!


Shelly Marie said...

Happy Birthday!!!! =)

Ben said...

Hi baby, thanks for that post. It is really amazing how blessed we all are. I love you guys.

Alyssa said...

That was a great post. Kobe is a great kid, and how blessed you are that he truly knows our Savior. I pray for that day for our children as well. What a joy it is to know that our kids are walking in the TRUTH. That is what it is all about.
Love you, Leah! Happy Birthday. Sorry I had to run off the phone so quickly. My time is short these days:)

gram said...

Happy Birthdy Leah. You and Ben are very fortunate to have a boy like Kobe.