"God gives us dreams a size too big so that we can grow into them."

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

I'm back...

...but apparently I do not have much to blog about :)

I have been busy so I haven't been taking many pictures, i will have to check the camera to see if I have any on there I have forgotten about.

Since my last post we have just been busy with our usual life. Kobe is totally over his sickness but still has a *hint* of a cold or something. We will see what that turns into. He has Today thru Friday off so I am enjoying that and he is as well.

Last Friday night thru Saturday our Youth group had the All Nighter. I would just like to say, 25 has hit me like a ton of bricks because apparently I am getting too old for those things!!! It started at 8 pm so on my way to the church I drank a whole Mt. Dew (I never drink anything with caffine in it so that was a lot all at once for me. Then I tried to drink one of those retched Rock Star energy drinks. Those do NOT taste good. I only got about a 1/4 of that down because it was gross. Apparently that was enough caffine to wake me up and keep me alert until about 4 am. Then I got tired but so was everyone else. On the way back to the church (at the all nighter we start out at the church-then go bowling-then to the Athletic center-then roller blading-then back to the church at 6:30 am) the brakes on the bus I was on quit working correctly and at one point didn't work at all going around a corner. That was enough to keep me up the rest of the night. Praise God we made it back just fine. When I got home at 7 am I went to bed and slept until 11:45 am (not enough sleep) and then was up for the day. Ben got home around 4:45 pm and we decided to run up to Cracker Barrel & Bronners which was fun. Ben and I both like Bronners for about an hour or two and then we are done :)
When we got home at 9 pm I was EXHAUSTED so I went to bed.

Sunday we wentg to church, went over to Bobbie & Dave's house to see them and my parents and then came home and had Cindy, Mark, Jason, Shelly & Brook over for dinner which was fun and really nice.

Last night Ben put up a new light fixture for me (no-not in the room we REALLY need one *the dining room*) our light that is attached to the wall in our living room quit working so I picked up a new one (a much cuter one) and he put it in last night. And I promise, Ben, I will not say a word about you shocking yourself. I promise.

Today I will be busy baking and cleaning so that the day after Thanksgiving the Christmas Decorations can come out!!! I am a little behind compared to some people, but I will have fun doing it after Thanksgiving. In my house that is turning into the yearly schedual.

We have been getting LOTS of snow-plenty to make a snow man or whatever else you want to do out there-I prefer inside activities in the winter but I may just take Kobe to try out the giant sledding hill over at the park today-we'll see.

I have missed you all and I miss the updates from those for you who aren't posting as much (Vicki-Lindsay-AMANDA!!!) but I have no room to talk because I have been gone too-so I understand.

Love you guys and I can't wait to see those of you I will get to see on Thanksgiving!!!


Alyssa said...

It is so nice to have you back on here again:). You were missed.

Have a happy Thanksgiving. We love you guys