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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

I can't stay away forever!~

I just had to pop in at least once this week-I miss you guys!!!  I will start regularly posting again next Wednesday-I hope so badly to have ALOT done by then!

In the mean time here is a look at what our life has been like since I last posted:

Friday I got Kobe up for school, got him dressed and we went out the door.  Through out the week he had been getting a tiny bit sniffley in the morning and this morning is was a bit worse.  We were almost all the way to school when Kobe said something about being cold in the car and I looked at him and he looked all chilly & sniffley so I decided to take him back home.  I didn't want him to be uncomfortable all day or to get sicker.
So, Friday Kobe and I spent in the living room with the heater resting.  Kobe enjoyed looking through the Christmas toy books that keep coming and he has really gotten into Circling everything he would like for Christmas.  Or everything in the whole book-which ever comes first.

Saturday Kobe woke up with the dreaded crusted eye.  I called his doc immediately and got him in to see him at 10 am.  Our visit didn't last more than 30 seconds and his wonderful doc wrote him out a prescription for eye drops and antibiotics.  It wasn't necessary pink eye-just an infection that if he was on antibiotics for 24 he would no longer be contagious.

Saturday was also the day of Kobe's cousin's (Michael) birthday party at McDonalds.  The whole time Kobe has been sick he has never really acted like it.  Boy did those kids play HARD in the play place and had a great time~!

And, yes, that is David behind Kobe and the baby bump my sister is rockin' in the green shirt is Noah :)
I love this shot of Michael-so hilarious!
Happy Birthday Michael!
On Sunday, for the first time in a LONG time, Ben, Kobe and I stayed in on a Sunday (because Kobe was sick still) and had a wonderful snowed in day!!!  We had breakfast, watched Speed Racer with Kobe and just hung out around the house.  While Ben was doing dishes and I was making Pancakes I turned to Ben and said, "Isn't this wonderful?" Between the snow and our warm house it was the perfect morning/afternoon. 

Sunday Evening we went out to Cindy & Mark's house for dinner.  We had Stir Fry which was awesome and Cindy gave me some wonderful new sheets for my birthday.
I also was finally able to give her the last part of her birthday present.  I got 8x10s made up of these pictures (the individual ones of Kobe, Brook & Elle in the tree) and I got her an 11x14  of this picture of the kids:

Monday I kept Kobe home to try to speed up the healing process, plus it is hard to send a kid to school when they need eye drops three times a day and are on antibiotics.

I ran around with Kobe and got some good deals on some stuff I wanted to get this week.  (I have been keeping up with my other blog in case anyone is interested.)

I also am half way done with one of the wedding videos I wanted to get done so that is good too!

I kept Kobe home Tuesday just for good measure, but today it was back to school.  I was glad he woke up with no cough and today is the last day of his eye drops so that is good.

I hope you all are having a good week!  I am going to turn my comments back on for today but they will disappear again tomorrow so that I focus on work!  I will be back next Wednesday so until then....


Lauren said...

I love that picture of Michael!!! He is so funny when it comes to pictures!

Love you thanks for coming on saturday!

Vicki Aeschliman said...

Yea!!!!! I have been checking your blog everyday in hopes you would break down and blog. Thanks for the updates and I am so glad Kobe is feeling better. I love ya!

Alyssa said...

Kendra is doing the same thing this year already with the toy book:)...so funny!

I am glad Kobe is doing better! Thanks for the new post!!!!!!:)

Love you guys

cindy said...

YIPEE now I can sleep better, I always check the blogs and then go to bed. I am so glad that Kobe is better, is he coming over tomorrow night? I hope your videos get done soon ;)
Love you bunches,

cindy said...


Shelly Marie said...

Glad Kobe is feeling better!! Brooklyn is doing much better and is going to school tomorrow. Now, I just need to get feeling better...uugggg!!! This cold had really knock me out!!! Hope you have a great day!!!

Hopefully we can get Ben's Haircut on Sunday!!! =)