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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Oh how I love NEW stuff...

Thankful For:
A Good DEAL  :)

I have been making us live like hilly billies.  Our OLD over the stove microwave died, and I wanted to take about 3 months apparently to look around for a good deal on a new one so we had the old not working one in our kitchen along with a small one on the counter.  Nothing like 2 microwaves in one kitchen!  Oh was I happy to see the non working one come out and the one on the counter leave for this beautiful one that Ben installed on Saturday!

Thank you Ben!

(and just for the record, it is my birthday week-so you can't get mad at me for posting this picture)



Lindsay said...

:) I'm glad you finally found one!

gram said...

Nice looking mircrowave but also a nice looking guy that installed it.I am sure you will enjoy your new microwave. YOu deserve one.

Lauren said...

HILL BILLIES???? Girl have you met the Neighbors side of the family???

That is all I have to say besides I love you!!

Shelly Marie said...

Looks great!!! I love the color!!=)

Vicki Aeschliman said...

So cool! Isn't it great to have a handy man that you love and don't mind the plummers crack when it shows!

Ben said...

Plumbers Crack!?!?!?!? I've got Plumbers Canyon!!! :)

cindy said...

Great job Ben you are so handy!! Love the microwave WOW! Your one cute dude. Was the peace sign for "it's a piece of cake" ?
Love you,