"God gives us dreams a size too big so that we can grow into them."

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

God can move mountains

A little while ago I posted a link asking for prayer for a little boy I found on the MARE website. I won't deny the fact that a part of me hesitates to post things like that because-honestly, Will any one pray? Will anyone care? Will everyone just think I am trying to show off how "spiritual" I am? (the hilarious part of that thought is that out of everyone, trust me, I am the person who is least impressed by my lack of where I need to be in my spiritual life)

Then, I came upon this post and had to share it.

Praying for these kids matters. So many people tell me "I couldn't do what you are doing" (talking about the foster care) and I always think to myself "I don't know how you can't do what we are doing!" But it all boils down to not everyone is called to do exactly what we are doing. But, everyone is called to do their part.

Take a look at this post and see what GOD does when we, those of us who are and are not called to foster or adopt, do what we CAN do to help!


the johnson crew said...

awesome, we often pray as a family for waiting kids, we go online and bring them by name to the Lord, but I have never thought of praying specifically for one long term, awesome story.