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Monday, February 15, 2010

Memorial Box Monday

Over at http://aplacecalledsimplicity.blogspot.com/ every Monday morning "Linny" tells about something AMAZING God has done in her or her family's life that is worth remembering. She also has a "box" that she keeps little mementos in that signify these events. She has explained that "A Memorial Box is of utmost important in my life because over the years God has done some amazingly awesome things for me and for those I love, but quite frankly, we are a dang forgetful people. If we did not purposefully gather symbols representing the times of His faithfulness we would barely remember them! BUT when we have set aside a place to remember His faithfulness, in difficult times, we can look and say, "This situation is awful - BUT look what God did for me/us before - I'm trusting that He will show up and get me through this painful trial!"

I couldn't agree more. It is so easy to forget the BIG things God has done because we are constantly surrounded by things that draw our attention away from God. So, I would like to share something BIG God did in my life with everyone who reads my blog.

Years ago, back when Kobe was around 2 1/2, I would often go see Ben at work. Talk about a simpler time! I only had one kid and was just starting our business, anyway, back to the story.

To get to Ben's work I would have to drive half an hour on the expressway and exit onto a very busy road that is full of Michigan left turns. I wasn't in a huge hurry, but at the age I drove like I was always in a huge hurry. When I was younger I had the tickets to prove it.

Well, I had to make a Michigan left to turn onto a road close to Ben's work and as I sat in the turn around waiting to see an opening I watched the cars. There was a space coming with a car coming at me to my left with its blinker on acting as if it was going to turn before it go to me. It was the perfect opening to slide into traffic - then I heard HIS voice tell me, "You aren't in a rush. WAIT." And, as I paused I saw that same car change their mind at the last second and serve right back to where my car would have been had I gone. Right into the side of the car my little 2 1/2 year old was sitting in.

As I then made my turn in the all clear I shook. I had seen EXACTLY what God had stopped from happening. He saved my little boy. He saved me. HE spoke to me and stopped me. I shook.

God is real. I look back on that day often and thank HIM for speaking to me. I thank HIM for making me hear! All too often I still shake off that soft voice telling me to do something and then remembering this makes me stop and listen because I have seen what can happen if I don't.


gram said...

Wow! God is great. I think we all forget different situations where God has changed the outcome in a positive way. I think out gut instincts so many times speak to this.

cindy said...

It is so important to remember the things GOD has done for us and the fact that He has so much more instore for us. I love my bible for that simple fact, I go back and read over things that I had wrote in it and had forgotten. It is great to go back and review what he has done!!! love you

Lindsey said...


Alyssa said...

Love you :) God is great!

Shelly Marie said...

God is real =)

Mom Of Many said...

Love your story - God's faithfulness and protection!! You were listening to His voice too! Yippee Jesus!!

I am thrilled you did a Memorial Box Monday post! Do it again! Do it again! Do it again!!

Somehow I missed putting your name on the list, so will include it today with a link.

I have yet to figure out the MckLinky thing. ugh.