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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Kobe's Phases

Lately Kobe has been drawing, a lot.  His little friend Griffin gave him this giant pen and he has been carting that and paper around the house for a few days now.  He is big into drawing spider-man beating up the different bad guys.  He does pretty good too.  He always draws one of their features that distinguishes them from the other characters in his drawings.

As you can see, up here in the North we think if it is 40 degrees out that it is time to pull out the shorts and T-shirts  :)


gram said...

Good pictures of Kobe. He is such a sweet boy. Hope you and Ben's cold is better. Love ya, Gram

Leah W said...

Thanks Grandma. We are both feeling lots better. Monday Ben came home early from work, went to bed early and EVEN took my advice to sleep in a bit and he has been on the road to recovery ever since!

I only feel sick in the evenings and it is getting better and better each day.

I have been having terrible head aches lately and I am starting to get frustrated with those, pray from me if you think of it.

I hope you are doing good, having fun and staying well!
We miss you and can't wait for all the snow to leave so you can come home!


MattLindsElle said...

That is great! I think it neat to see what kids are really good at and what they love to do. Love you Leah!

shelly said...

Cute pictures!! He is to cute!!!

amanda said...

that is so cute! i love the little phases kids go through!