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Monday, January 7, 2008

Our weekend was CRAZY!

We had such a great/crazy weekend! Friday night Ben had basketball and then stayed home with Kobe and I Saturday during the day. He was able to finally buy a new set of weights that he had been eyeing for 2 months now, so he was super excited. Then he got to go the a Pistons game that evening (while I stayed home and WORKED on getting ready for the Bridal show that was on Sunday) He had a great time at the game and had fun getting some cool pictures of some of his favorite players.

Sunday we had the bridal show at the palace and it was as big as ever. We both laughed about how we were so nervous the year before and now that we have shot so many weddings everything seems like old hat.
Our booth was across from Bed, bath and Beyond, we were next to a limo company and The Henry Ford Museum and across the way there was a dance studio booth and would have some people demonstrating their dance lessons that kept us amused.

We met a ton of brides that said they were looking for a videographer so it was nice to see our demos going to people who were really interested instead of people we were there to sign up for the free giveaways.

Anyway, everything went good and now that the holidays are over we are finally getting back to normal life. Kobe had his first day back to school and this morning was a little rough. He really didn't want to go and he was upset. The last 2 weeks Kobe was in school before Christmas break he was a little sick and he would say his throat was bothering him. Well, over the past 3 weeks Kobe has been to the ER finished 1 set of antibiotics and an eye dropper. The past week his health has been perfect (thanks to God!) so I know that he is fine, but he was worried his throat would bother him. Once he was up and around and dressed he seemed ok and was even kinda ready to go. We got to his school before the bell rang so I asked him if he wanted to wait in the car with me and we could pray that he would feel go all day and have a good day. So he said yes, and we did, he piped up during my prayer and asked God to "make him not feel sick everyday". I think he was OK when I left, so that made things a little easier on me.

I hope you guys all had a great weekend!

Can you tell Ben had good seats and a great zoom lens? Spoiled...


gram said...

Ben got some excellent shots of the pistons. Glad Kobe is doing better. You are an awesome mom as you seem to pick up on what Kobe needs. So glad your show went well yesterday. Love ya, Gram

Vicki Aeschliman said...

Remember Dec. 27 is booked for your one of your favorite cousins. I''m glad you had a great weekend. It was rough getting ready to go back to work this morning so I sympathize with Kobe.