"God gives us dreams a size too big so that we can grow into them."

Saturday, January 26, 2008

My Boys!

Well, Ben is sick. He has a cold or something. I knew he would come down with something this week. He just had TOO much going on and it's cold so those two things + no sleep = poor Ben.

In other news, Friday ended up being Kobe's big day to TIE MRS. BAKER'S SHOES and HE DID IT! YEA! He came home with his bright pink slinky. He was pretty pumped about it. I think I was more excited about it that he was, there is just something about your child succeeding that makes you feel so good inside!!! He said he tied her shoes and they stayed tied for 1/2 hour. Yea Kobe!


cindy said...

Awesome job KOBE!!! You are so smart. I pray that Ben gets feeling better realllllll quick. I hate knowing that one of my kids are sick even if they are not little anymore, they always will be my kid. Thank you leah for taking such good care of the boys.
Love you bunches,
Mom, and dad

Vicki Aeschliman said...

Yea Kobe!!!!! I new you could do it. You are one smart dude. You must take after your Aunt Vicki (hehe).

gram said...

Good job Kobe. You are so smart!! Get well soon Ben. I love you guys, Gram

shelly said...

Great Job Kobe!!! That is awesome! We sure love you bunches!!!

cindy said...

How are you all feeling? I hope much better. You all have been in our prayers.
Love you,

Leah W said...

we are doing ok. I am sick and Ben is sick so he has been laying around today and i have been working. we went to church this morning.

this afternoon we took a quick trip out to home depot to look and price out windows. it doesn't seem like we would save all that much money (or aggravation for that matter) by doing it our selves so we may just be going with wall side!

we will see

we love you guys

-ally phaby says hi, she is praying for you guys and thinks of you often. she asks about you guys when ever i see her.

-the sweet old man that sits in front of me every sunday asked how things were going for you guys too

-kevin solt also asked how you guys were doing

i am probably leaving out a few people that talked to ben separately from me

gram said...

Sorry I missed talking with you today Ben but I did not want to call you back because I know you are resting to get over the bug. Love you very much. Get well soon. Gram

gram said...

How are you and Ben feeling? I hope you are getting better. Love ya, Gram

MattLindsElle said...

Good Job Kobe! Thats great!