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Monday, January 7, 2008

Where do babies come from?

No, I'm not asking because Ben and I have forgotten how to make one (even though I think Cindy may have had that thought cross her mind about us...)
I want to know (especially for you guys who have grown children)  how you guys answered that questions when your kids were, lets say, under 6 years old.  I never realized how handy my C-section scar would come in when Kobe was asking me where babies come from.  I don't know how many different versions of the same answer we have given him by now, but my favorite thus far is that God puts a baby in a mommy's tummy and then the doctor cuts the baby out (sometimes) like what happened when Kobe was born.  Now, in all honestly, this is such a cop out but how old is old enough to hear the graphic answer.  I am assuming 5 is too young because I am not going there with Kobe right now...but what are your thoughts?
PS I will be holding the video of Elle being dedicated hostage until I am satisfied with the answers I get.  I want you all to tell me what you told your kids when they we little and then at what age you told them the real deal.  AND if you have not had to deal with this yet I want you to tell me your thoughts anyway.  Then I will post the video of Elle.


cindy said...

I never told the kids, they told us:) And boy did we learn alot!!!! I will pick Dads brain and get back to later. You are so funny I never do know what you are going to say for the day!
Hugs and Kisses,

Leah Wentzel said...

lol, that is what I am scared of, what he will be telling me soon! I hope to have a plan for that time...Ben has told me about some of his "growing up" talks he and Mark had. I don't know how Mark does it, but he has a way about him that makes everything make sense and he gives a real answer too.

Alyssa said...

Haven't been there yet obviously:), but I will say that the answer you have given Kobe at his age makes great sense to me!!

Shelly Marie said...

Well....I think I would says, GO talk to your father!!! lol
You know, I guess I haven't thought that far ahead yet! I guess maybe I should start thinking of what I would say because she does ask lots of question. =) I do think your answer is a good one. I would of done the same thing...I think!!! lol Good luck...It begins!!! love you

Vicki Aeschliman said...

We waited til the asked and then we told them the truth. Actually Dave did the talking and he told the girls to tell him to stop when they had heard enough. Manda said stop at one point and about month later she asked me to continue where dad left off so I did. We have been told by many that we were too honest with our girls but I don't beleive you can ever be too honest. I always wanted them to know they could come to us for truthful answers and be comfortable with it.

Vicki Aeschliman said...

Manda was in second grade so lyn was in kindergarten.

spng7 said...

This is always a tough one for parents, but ........... usually if they are old enough to ask they are old enough. And nothing substitutes for the truth. Vicki's suggestions were great. The questions do get easier !!!!

Leah Wentzel said...

Well, I am glad to hear that people that have children around the age of mine (or a little younger) are where I am with this, uncharted territory for all of us I suppose. But I do tend to side with Vicki, I do try to be as truthful as possible without putting any new mental pictures in his head that aren't there yet. Once I have a feeling they are more in his head I will have to come clean with the whole deal I suppose.

I will also make sure I do this before 3rd grade because our whole third grade class learned about the birds and the bees from troy husk and I don't want Kobe to find out with all his other little friends at school.
I also don't want him to be the "Troy Husk" of his class, so that is why I am hoping to catch it at the perfect time!!!

Thank you all of humoring me :)

Wonderful World of Weiners said...

We told our 2 boys the real deal around 10 - but watered down so as not to scare them. Under 10 , it was more of a "when a mom and dad love each other, they get together and make a baby" deal.

We HAD To tell them each the TOTALLY REAL DEAL, details and all, when they were in Middle School/junior high.

We got a note sent home saying that there were ORAL SEX parties going on, on the weekends, and that the school wanted to make us aware. They also suggested we not use words like oral sex to talk to our kids cuz that's not how they are going to hear about it.

Never felt more ackward when having to tell my boys why BJ's were not a good idea at their age.


gram said...

Man I do not remember how or if I told the girls but I am sure when they asked I would tell them the truth. I just remember a girl that was about nine telling my girls when they were maybe 5 and 7 and they came in an made some remarks to us and so I told them in simple terms ansers only the questions they asked. Needless to say their questions get more detailed. Love ya, Gram

cindy said...

Leah if you don't rush it, you are a smart mommy and you will know when the time is and how much to tell. Some times you can give to much info and it is to much for them. Many times a simple explianation is all they need at that time. I think we make it harder on our selfs than we need to. Don't for get the ONE with all the answeres is right beside you and will guide you.
Hugs and kisses,