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Monday, August 25, 2008

Kobe's 1st morning of 1st Grade!

Gosh, where did the summer go?  How is he already back in school...time just goes too quick.

Last night we started to get ready for bed (at least Kobe ready for bed) SUPER early!  I was doing videos so Ben made dinner, got Kobe's bath going, got all of Kobe's clothes ready for this morning, packed his lunch, read Kobe a story and put him to bed.  

Kobe slept pretty good and was up early enough to see Ben this morning.  He was in a good mood which made me happy!

And I just got a call that Amanda had the baby and she is healthy and everyone is doing good :)
7 lbs 11 oz. - 19 in. (I think) and looks like Amanda...how awesome...congrats you guys!


Shelly Marie said...

Brooklyn's big day is tomorrow!! I can not believe it is time for school!! Summer leaves us way to fast!!!! =)

Alyssa said...

I hope everything is going great for Kobe! We are so proud of him. He looked so cute and grown up in these shots...wow! Let us know how his first day went for sure.
Thanks for posting the new pictures of Dakotah too. Cute:)! Glad they are both doing well.

gram said...

Love the pictures of Kobe. He is growing up so fast. It was neat to see him looking so happy going to school and in school.
Dakotah is so cute. I just loved holding her. Amanda looked good and compared to last delivery she looks great even though she looks tired but so happy with her new little one and so are we. Good job Amanda and Todd.

cindy said...

What great pictures, it is just impossible to believe how big he is. What a sweetie! I am looking forward to being with you and shelly tomorrow and I can't wait till Kobe comes over tomorrow!!!!
Love you lots,