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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

My name is Leah...and I did the unthinkable.

I dared to suggest the we use a coupon at a Restaurant.  What could I possibly been thinking?!?  :)

We went to Red Lobster last night for our Anniversary.  We ordered, ate dinner and then I dug in my purse and pulled out this coupon and laid it on the table.  You should have seen the look of horror on Ben's face.  I am still laugh about it as I type this.

So, Ben picks it up and (still with the look of horror on his face) is playing with it in his hand.  I am by now laughing at the look on his face and said "I wasn't going to use it, but I saw he already had one tucked in his (the waiter's) order pad thing so I thought they must be used to it."
Ben gives me a look that says it all.  The "this is so embarrassing" look.  I'm still laughing.  I then pipe up with "Why to they send them out if they don't want you to use them then?!?"  Ben looks at me and says "They are for homeless people."  with a smirk on his face.  Nice Ben.  Then he puts the coupon down and says, "I'm not giving it to him, you have to."  Honestly I didn't want to give it to him any more than Ben did and I thought Ben was going to do it when he picked up.  Now I am back to square one.  I push it back at him and say, "I'm not doing it you have to do it."  Ben then picks it up and pretends to rip it (and does a little) and I shriek and tell him to stop and he lays it on the table.  Then Ben tells Kobe "You should tell the waiter Mom ripped the coupon."  Kobe lights up and looks at me and says, "I am going to tell him, I am going to tell him YOU ripped the coupon!"  Now he is perched up in his seat like a little look out waiting to see our waiter come.  Of course, right on cue, 10 seconds after Kobe tells me he is going to tell the waiter I ripped the coupon the waiter comes and Kobe shouts out "My Mom ripped the coupon!"  The waiter, so nice, says, "Oh, that's alright" smiles and picks up the coupon off the table and runs off to make up the bill.
Ben then informs me he is going to leave the waiter an extra $2 over the normal tip because we used a coupon.  Apparently Ben was worried the waiter would think we were homeless.
Thanks to Kobe's little outburst neither one of us had to hand the coupon TO the waiter.  Is it bad I was a little happy about that?



spng7 said...

I'm not sure that homeless people get coupons .....

Shelly Marie said...

We use those kind of coupons all the time!!! Infact the last time we went to Olive Garden we used one. They are use to it!!! They don't care at all!!!!! =) So go ahead and save $4.00!!! =) lol

Whenever we go out to eat Jason always ask me if we have coupons to use!!! lol He liks the coupons as much as we do!!!

gram said...

I love coupons and I agree that is why they are in the paper so people use them. I did think it was funny reading your feelings to use coupons at a restaurant.

Rebekah said...


Posh Pixels said...

OMG... wtf is wrong with you guys? LMAO! We use coupons all the freakin time. In fact, Joel goes through coupons before he'll decide where to eat. he is soooo super cheap though.

Vicki Aeschliman said...

Ok Leah, When we went to Olive Garden in May to celebrate Lindsey's graduation, we used 4 coupons and the waitress helped us figure it out. It is ok. Why do you think the price of the meals are so expensive?

Alyssa said...

No kidding, Vicki! Meals are priced high for that reason:). Leah, you made me laugh today...thanks:).

I love having coupons to use too. Love you! Hope you are having a good day.