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Friday, August 22, 2008

OK, enough about Foster Care!

This is a shot of Kobe last night at Meijer.  We stopped there after his School's open house.

The open house started at 7 pm and we got to see his 1st Grade Class Room and I got to meet his teacher Mrs. Carpenter (Alyssa, you probably worked with her too because she said she has been there 22 years :)).

Kobe is in class with lots of kids that were from his last class.  Isabella, Gabriella, Gabe, and some kids he knows from church that he has never been in class with before, Zach & Clayton.  Kobe's friend Griffin is in the other 1st grade class.  Kobe was kinda bummed out about that.  I think it will free him up to make other friends.  I also noticed his friend Aiden was not on either list.  Kobe was bummed about that too...but I might have just missed him on the other list.

Mrs. Carpenter seems general soft spoken but direct and no nonsense...we will see how things go as the year progresses.

I can't believe he starts on MONDAY!!!!!!!!!!!! 


Alyssa said...

Cool! Yes, I know her, and she will be great for Kobe! I actually taught one of her boys. I am so excited for Kobe.

Tell him to have a great year! We love you all! I can hopefully get caught up now after being in the hospital for the past three days:).

gram said...

I am sure Kobe will adjust well as he is such a great kid. It does not seem possible that school is about to start. Where has our summer gone? Kobe follows rules really well and will meet new friends which may be good.

Vicki Aeschliman said...

I go back on Wed next week for my first day. YUCK!!!!!

spng7 said...

New doors open ... he'll go through this one just fine. :-)

Shelly Marie said...

Brooklyn had a great time too!!! She has Mrs. Amy Hagar!!! She was Brooklyn's preschool teacher so Brooklyn was very excited to see her. It is hard to believe that they start this next week!!

We saw his name on her list!! Brooklyn really wanted to stick around to see him, but I wasn't feeling well that night!!