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Thursday, September 18, 2008

Frequently Asked Questions!

How is Bobbie doing?

Bobbie, Dave, David & the new baby are all doing great!  They were actually on the news again last night getting interviewed about what happened.  Bobbie is doing really well, getting better everyday.  She has an ultrasound scheduled for Friday thru her OBGYN.  This is the regular ultra sound everyone gets during this part of their pregnancy.

So, where are you guys with the Foster Care stuff?

We are still waiting to have our finger printing come back.  Also, we have not gone and gotten our Physicals or TB tests done.  I called around yesterday to find Ben and I a family Doctor and found one very close to our house.  I will make appts soon for Ben and I and then I will do Kobe's.
I also called Kobe's doc to see if he was willing to see any foster kids that we have and if he takes medicaid.  The answer to both was yes so that was good news :)

Did Ben have a good birthday?

Yes, Ben had a good birthday!  He came home early from work and we had a great dinner and then he opened his gifts from Kobe and I.  We even had time to run to Kohls to take back things that didn't fit and get new things :)

How is school going for Kobe?

Kobe is doing great in school!  He really is enjoying it, doesn't complain about getting up early or going (praise God!) and he has a smile on his face when I come to pick him up (my favorite part of the day :) )!

He is doing really well on his reading lists and is still excelling more in the math dept.  He loves playing with his friend Clayton and seems to like his teacher.

He came home and asked Ben and I "What does keep your self to your self" mean and we realized it probably meant "Keep your hands to yourself" which Kobe seems to have problems with so hopefully knowing what the teacher means will help. :)

He comes by all the talking and touching genetically I am sure!

So, in short, we are doing pretty good, nothing too exciting going on-this weekend we will be going to the carnival in downtown Grand Blanc so that will be fun and probably will celebrate Ben's birthday with my side of the family.


cindy said...

I am glad all is well with you guys and that bobbie and the family are doing great. What an answer to prayer! Hope to see you soon, have fun with your family.
Love ya

Lindsey said...

That is Great! I am so glad everyone is doing well.

Leah Wentzel said...

Hey Cindy!

I tried to call you but maybe your phone is on the fritz...do you guys and maybe shelly & jason & Brook (hint hint) want to go to the carnival in Grand Blanc with us Friday night around 7pm??? :)

Also, I called Mark & told him we have two phones at home I am charging so you can see if you want to use one.
Love ya


Lindsay said...

Thanks for the update! I am glad you guys are ALL doing good!

Vicki Aeschliman said...

Thank you for the updates. It is so nice to know things are going great. I love you all!

cindy said...

I would love to go and ride the rides with the kids!!! That would be great! Thanks for asking us. I has been a wonderful day, do you want to go thru the house tomorrow and then we all can go for supper before the carnival,since it is all so close?
Love you lots,

gram said...

Love the update on your life. Enjoyed getting a chance to see all of you today.Thanks for coming over to see me.