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Thursday, September 25, 2008

Ok, I don't really have anything to be stressed about-I just like to pretend I guess.

This weekend will be an interesting weekend for us.  Ben and I have 2 weddings to shoot this weekend-one on Friday and one on Saturday.  Recently I decided it was time to look into finding and hiring someone to shoot weddings with either Ben or I for a couple different reasons.

1.  If we are going to be doing Foster Care I think one of us needs to be available at all times.  We don't know what kind of children we will be getting and while they may be well behaved (I can't help but laugh when I say that) they very well may not be and I don't want to put that burden on anyone else for those long wedding days!  Mark and Cindy ALWAYS watch Kobe for us and we are lucky that Kobe is pretty easy going so it has worked out.  We have no idea how the next kids will be!

2.  My over all goal has recently become to build a 2 person "camera crew" that will shoot the weddings for Ben and I without Ben and I having to go at all.  We will be doing this very slowly and throughly.  We are very picky about our work and want it to be as perfect as possible.  We are going to start out with one person and then when they are really ready we will start training another.

So, I was put in contact with a young man named Jeremy thru a friend of mine at church.  He is 19 and recently was discharged from the navy because of a cracked hip.  For fun he likes to videotape his friends skateboarding WHILE he is on a skateboard too!  I asked him how many cameras he had trashed by doing this and he replied "Only one"  :)  oh, boy.

Anyway, his mom owns a wedding chapel in Waterford called Victoria's Wedding chapel and he has been looking for a job like this.  We have had him come to The Point for a couple Sundays to take over Ben's job videotaping the service so he could get used to our cameras and chasing Pastor Jim around the stage (which tends to be way harder than a wedding ceremony :) ) and he has done really well.  We are excited that this could work out, I think the harder part will be finding a female camera operator because girls are not very dominant in this field.

So, this Friday and Saturday are our first weddings training Jeremy, I think he will do fine.  We hope this is a move that will really make things easier for us in the long run. 


Lindsay said...

That's funny my Mom used to work at that wedding chapel!

It's exciting that your business is going so well that you can hire someone to help out! God turly is so GOOD! I am sure you guys will do an awesome job at finding the right person and training them well! It's so smart to think about the future and set yourself up with back up! Good luck and you will be in our thoughts and prayers! I know God will send along the right people for you guys! Love you!

Lindsay said...

There's a new 3 off 15 for CVS did you see it?

gram said...

Sounds like you are doing a great job thinking things how to do them to make your life a little easier.
Sounds like this guy may work out for you.

Alyssa said...

Great! We hope it works out for you guys too. We have a hard time finding someone that does well enough and that we trust too. We understand!!!:)
We will pray this guys works out for you guys.

Vicki Aeschliman said...

I smell a franchise in the future. LOL