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Thursday, December 11, 2008

Christmas Card Rejects

Kobe is back to school today.  I let him run off to class while I was asking someone a question and then i walked down to his class to see his teacher and lets just say I got to see what a cabin fevered Kobe looked like unleashed on a 1st grade class!  Oi!  He was already putting on a show for everyone that would watch-I hope his teacher makes it through today!!!

He is doing good sickness wise, his rash is almost gone!


gram said...

Sounds like a lot of males I know!!!lol I bet Kobe was ready to go back to school. His conversations will be interesting tonight.

Alyssa said...

What is Kobe doing in the top picture? That cracks me up:). He is an energy ball. Kendra and Brook along with him are seriously going to be crazy together!! It should be interesting. She can't wait!

Cute "rejects" :)

Leah Wentzel said...

ben told him to make a funny face and that is what he got :)

how is kendra's cold?

Alyssa said...

Love the personality!

Kendra is recovering:). She still woke up once last night b/c she can't breathe through her nose, and her throat hurts, but I think it is on its way out. The weather has been so warm here that we have needed to put the air on, but haven't so it was a bit stuffy last night in the house too. I had the humidifiers and fans going:).

We are so glad Kobe is feeling better! (I forgot to say that in my last post:))

cindy said...

I don't know how any of these pictures could be a rejected christmas picture, he is TOOOOOOO cute. We love you guys so much and am glad that Kobe is better.
Love you bunches,

cindy said...

PS I totally love the video!!! Don't tell dad.

spng7 said...

I know what I'd do with the bell :)