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Thursday, December 4, 2008

Favorite Pictures from CHRISTmas's Past

I have been on a present wrapping kick.  CHRISTmas just always sneaks up on me and I like to have it done-plus I like the way wrapped presents look up our Tree(s).  I have officially gone thru 3 rolls of wrapping paper (I thought that would be enough for all my presents.  I guess I was wrong) and two rolls of tape.  As I have been digging out presents I have been buying for the past few months I am seeing I had a bit more than I thought I did, which is nice :)

Enjoy these pictures from our past two Christmas'! 


gram said...

Oh my have the little ones grown in one year. Thank God for pictures. They are still just as cute.

cindy said...

I love the pictures from the past. I agree with my mom pictures are precious. I love going back on the blogs to old pages.
We really are so blessed,

Shelly Marie said...

I still LOVE that picture of Matt!!! =) So funny!! =)

Anonymous said...

nice pic of Matt... he must have been giddy with joy or something :)