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Monday, December 1, 2008

Wentzel Thanksgiving/Caleb's Birthday Party

We celebrated Caleb's 2nd Birthday on Thanksgiving with the whole family!

I love this smile, he was very excited about the cake :)

Trying to blow them out...Cindy had trick candles we used on the cake :)

...and they don't blow out :)

I had to post this picture because it cracked me up, Ben was trying to get a nice family shot of the Snyders and our child decided to jump in it!
Here we go, the Snyder Family (minus my son apparently) this is such a great shot-thank you Ben for taking time to take all these great pictures for them!
Opening his presents from Ben, Kobe & I
The car was a hit-I thought he would like that :)
Kobe is SO unable to keep his hands out of other people's presents!

This is the book Cindy & Mark got him, it makes sounds and records your voice
Happy Birthday Caleb!  Thanksgiving was so fun-thank you everyone who made food and thank you Cindy for the awesome time we had at your home and the awesome food!


gram said...

The pictures of Caleb's BD are great. Thanks Ben for taking them and Leah for posting them. I loved them. I had such a good time on Thanksgiving. I sure do love my family.

Shelly Marie said...

Great pictures!!! It was a fun day!!! I felt so bad I left his present at home!!! He will just have 2 presents to open on Christmas eve!!!=)

Vicki Aeschliman said...

Thank you so much for posting the great pictures. Needless to say I stole quite a few!