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Tuesday, December 2, 2008


Well, I hate to ask, but are you sick of my sledding posts yet?  If so I have included a good wipe out scene of mine that will hopefully hold your interest.
Monday was Michigan's first snow day!  Ben took the day of too (*wonderful*) because the idea of driving an hour in his Prius in the snow was not too appealing and he wanted to spend the day with Kobe.
First we got up, shoveled the drive way and put the last coat of paint on in our bedroom before turning our bedroom into our office/bedroom so we can make room in our house for a second child's room.  I am so excited to get into all of that, but we will talk about that later.
Then we went out to go sledding at the hill over by our house.
I decided to go with Kobe, I was a little rusty...but it worked out :)
As you can see it was busy there!

Kobe jumps up so high and then off he goes!
I was not cool enough to be able to do all that-my 25 year old bones are too brittle.

Oh, here comes my wipe out.  My darling son PURPOSELY RAN INTO ME AND KNOCKED ME OVER.  He is such a blessing. :P

...aaaaaannnnnnnnnnddddddd the wipe out.  It is hard to look cool when you bite it.

And this would be my devious little son LAUGHING the whole rest of the way down because I fell.  Like I said.  He is the blessing of ALL blessings that kid.

Apparently I am a gluten for punishment because there I am back up at the top.

Yet another shot of Kobe flying thru the air and me-well-not flying that is for sure.
Oh look, there!  Right there!  I almost ran into that little girl!
But I stopped my self.
Kobe did not stop himself-he thought it was funny to run into other people.  VERY funny.

Then Kobe kept trying to do tricks.  Like stand on his feet on the way down...

...or his favorite, crossing his arms and kneeling the whole way down.
We had such a great time (minus my head hitting the frozen hill during one of my trips down which led to Ben telling me "I don't think that is how you are supposed to do it" - yeah, gottcha, thanks.)

We really did have a great snow day...now everyone is back to school and work!


Lauren said...

yes but no one else knows so shh....please.

Love the pics of Kobe knocking you down!

Alyssa said...

LOL That was great! I love snow days. How fun:)

Shelly Marie said...

We had a great time!!! We went outside and had lots of fun in the snow!!! =) Glad you guys had fun too!!! =)

gram said...

those will be memories you guys will always have with you. Glad you had a great day and Ben did not have to drive on the bad roads.

cindy said...

What great pictures!!! We must get some copies :)
I am so glad that you all got to spend some sweet time together. And we got blessed too! We loved seeing you guys. Glad the plumbing worked out so well too.
Love you bunches,
Thanks for all the help we really appreciated it!!!!!!!!!! That snow is heavy.

Lindsey said...

Great Pics!