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Wednesday, December 3, 2008

My Hodge Podge Tree of Ornaments I LOVE!

I have a few ornaments that I JUST LOVE seeing come out every year.  They are a bit quirky, thus me deciding to put up a separate formal tree, but if I had to choose these ornaments would always make the cut!

These little people my mom made for Ben while we were still dating.  I am in love with them.  They match nothing on my tree or in my house but I love them.  They will always be up in my house at Christmas time!
I also love this one.  Someone gave this to Ben and I for our wedding, the picture in it is one of Ben and I at my Bridal Shower.  I always have to stare at it a little bit when it come out too!
This is a new addition to our hodge podge tree.  A few weekends ago Ben took Kobe and I up to Bronner's.  I found a set of these ornaments from the movie that comes on every year and Ben bought them for me.  I always want something like this every year and finally got them :)
Last, but not least, is Kobe's macaroni art that is spray painted gold that he comes home with from some where every year.  I love this stuff.  My parents still have plenty of ornament art work that we brought home and it goes on their tree every year and I am sure this will show up on my tree when I have Grandkids too.

What are your favorite ornaments?  I would love to see them!


gram said...

I love all your ornaments as they are so unique and made with love and that makes them so special. I do have special ornaments but I do not put up a tree anymore so I just enjoy all of the families trees.

Alyssa said...

I love your sweet ornaments! I do have a lot of special ones. I may have to make some time to make a post like this too. I need to catch up with a few other posts still:)...like usual.

Shelly Marie said...

That's great!!! I need to this too!! I have so many I love...it will be hard to choose just a couple to post!!! =) I love kobes Pasta art one...how cute. =)

Ben said...

:):):):):) I love you Leah!

Leah Wentzel said...

did you steal my profile picture?!?!?!?

I love you too Ben!~

cindy said...

I love your tree, it is so special to see the old ornaments and mix them with the new ones. I too love the rudolph ornaments. I hope you get better, we love you.