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Thursday, September 13, 2007

They are here...

Well, Lindsay & Elle arrived safely in Michigan on Wednesday & I am sure so far today they are feeling a little chilly here in Michigan. :) Fall in here and it feels like it. Ben amd I have been enjoying it though, we both love sweater weather.

Yesterday Bobbie and I took the boys to go get their pictures taken. It was David's first time and he didn't care for it so much BUT they did get some good pictures of him. He isn't into smiling all that much except on accident so alot of the pictures are just...him. Which I like because that is what he looks like all the time.
We got a pretty good one of the two together, Kobe looked good and David looked good.
So when I finally get that picture I will post it.


gram said...

Oh my what a beautiful little girl. Tomorrow I get my hands on that little one. I can not wait. Thanks for posting the pictures. Love ya, Gram