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Thursday, December 13, 2007


So, it is December 13th. I have officially finished and delivered my 13th funeral video and have a HUGE one sitting in my dining room AND have plans to pick up another one tomorrow. So, when I got the call for #13 the funeral home asked me if I could pick it up at 10am and have it back between 3pm-4pm. That was the last straw, I officially hit "overwhelmed". So what did I do? I called my Mommy.

Phone conversation:

Mom: "Hello?"

Leah: "Hi Mom."

Mom: "Hi Leah! What are yu up to?"

Leah: "I'm busy, crazy busy. Have you been working lately?"

Mom: "No, not lately"

Leah: "Are you working tomorrow?"

Mom: "No"

Leah: "Than can you come over and clean my house and play with Kobe so I don't have to feel like a bad mom/wife anymore?"

(I'm leaving out the part where I offered to pay her, and no, I'm not kidding, I did, she wouldn't take my money though)

Mom: "Sure honey, what time do you want me to come up?"

So, in short, my wonderful Mom came up today, played with Kobe, cleaned my house, and made me food while I worked on a video. She is so awesome. I enjoyed listening to her conversations with Kobe today, they were so cute. Some of them were worth recording, wish I would have done that.

Anyway, today was Kobe's first day making pancakes...

Then I told my Mom that this morning I remembered that I had to figure out a costume for Kobe for this Saturday's Christmas Program practice for Church and then the program is on Sunday. So, we looked all over the house for some material I remembered I had bought and so other things and we "fashioned" a costume for little man. While we (my mom) made his costume he was first pretending he was an angel, a crazy acting angel, and the he announced "Look, I'm god!" That really cracked me up.

It made me feel SOOOO much better to have her there taking care of Kobe and Me :) And now my house is MUCH cleaner than it was before she got here!


gram said...

There is nothing like a mother when one does not feel good or is overwhelmed. So nice of your mom to take care of Kobe and you. I guess that is part of being a mom. Once you are a mom you are always a mom. Love ya, Gram

Alyssa said...

I understand the feeling like a bad wife/mother. I have felt that way for the past 10 weeks:) LOL

Thank the Lord for moms! That is for sure! That was so sweet of your mom to come over to help! Mine has been such a help through my sickness too. We are blessed!

Love you!