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Monday, December 17, 2007

Stuck inside...

This was one of Ben and I's first big purchases. We bought it when Kobe was around 2 years old. You can pick up a camera like this now for between $200-$300. Back when we bought it it was between $600-$700. So, anyway, about a year ago I dropped it. I dropped it while it was open and it landed right on the little part that says "Do Not Puch This Part In". Nice, huh. So anyway, of course it stopped working. Well, a few months ago Ben got it out to see if he could fix it. Well, it started working again, everything except the touch screen-which hadn't been the problem before. So he took it out last night and now it seems to be working fine, touch screen and all! Yea!

Here is Kobe's unused costume my mom made for his. He didn't go to church yesterdat so he wasn't in the Christmas program.

Here is a shot of my favorite Santa. Last year Ben and I went out and bought lots of new Christmas decor for inside, this year we did the "use what we have" decor.

And, finally, here is what the road looks like by our house. See, there are little tire marks to tell you where to go. How handy!

Also, here is my winner for "Favorite Christmas Card" I have received. Thanks Grandma Neighbors for a card that so peerfectly tells the story of what Christmas is all about!

Here is what Kobe looks like today, happy and congested. I was so happy that school got cancelled-snow day- so he wasn't teqnically missing a day!


Jaywhitehead said...

I like the picture of your favorite Santa.

I have a favorite Santa as well....I call it the Santa Wizard.....Maybe I will bring it over to Mark & Cindy's so you can see it on Christmas Eve.....


Leah W said...

i know he is happy in his new home, I do miss him though

nice hearing from you Borat.
hopefully you found some longer shorts to keep you warm in all this snow

Alyssa said...

Poor Kobe! Kendra has a cold too right now. The weather changes brought hers on probably.

Feel better soon, Kobe!