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Sunday, December 16, 2007

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...

No, I am not a good enough blogger to actually GO OUTSIDE and shoot pics for all of you sun bathin', pinacolata drinkin', southerners-so here are some pictures I took thru our windows.

Here is a shot of our indoor/outdoor room. All the windows are covered in snow, or should I say the screens are packed with snow.

See that little thing in the distance? That is our mail box. Between it and me is the road. You know the one that is still completely white at 11am.

Here is a shot of the 6 in wind drift infront of our Garage.

Now I know what you all are thinking: Look at all the beautiful weather we are all missing up there! We need to move back immediately! Who wants to be able to go out side with out 16 layers of clothing on? Give me more snow, some ice to throw on top and wind that goes 100 miles an hour! Sounds like a vacation to me.
But, I'm sorry, you will just have to enjoy it from your homes where driving your 2 wheel drive vehicles isn't nearly as exciting as it is here.

Love you guys, we still have electricty-so pray it stays that way please.


Lindsay said...

Pretty! I am looking forward to some sonw!!!

Alyssa said...

It is beautiful:)! Don't miss it though! Miss you all, but sorry, not the snow AT ALL!!!