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Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Fresh Air!

We went out side today to get some fresh air and I thought Kobe looked so cute in his snow pants.

He brought a snow ball in to play with.


cindy said...

He is soooo cute, it is so hard for them when they are all cooped up! OR maybe it is hard for the moms and dads... Is Kobe coming over tomorrow (thursday)? Just let me know, you know we love it!

Love you lots,

Leah W said...

Thanks for offering but I am going to stay home with him in hopes that we will not have a re occurrence of his sickness. I really want him to be all better for Christmas. What day are you expecting Matt and Lindsay (and Elle) to show up at your house?
love you


cindy said...

Actually that is good this morning I woke up and have a cold!!!! I hate this! So better he stay home and get better. I was going to pick up Brook and told shelly no, so she dosen't get it again :( So I am going to call the dr and get in joy joy joy
Love you,

Leah W said...

oh boy, that really stinks!!! the bugs that are going around seem to last for a while. Hopefully yours will not.
After you get into the doc, or before, maybe you should do the same thing my mom did and i did for Kobe. Kobe has done nothing but get better since I prayed over him. Even if you get the right medicine we all need God to heal our bodies, HE is the great Physician!