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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Dear Santa, even though Kobe doesn't believe anymore...

Well, because I have had several people ask me what Kobe might want for Christmas I thought I would give you the $15 and under list because typically that is what I try to do when people ask me what Kobe, I or Ben would want for Christmas.

1. Kobe is REALLY into Bionicals right now, some of those toys range from $5 to $70, but the majority of them are $10
2. Kobe loves pajamas, especially "comfy pants" aka sweat pants (size 5 in Boys)
3. He could use another hooded sweatshirt (size small in Boys or 5/6 in Boys - anything with a T in the size now is too small)
4. Legos, Ben and I hate them, but Kobe really likes them. There are several sets that are right around $10 that he would like. Right now his favorites are Star Wars sets and these under the sea looking "Mars Mission" ones.

So, anyway, if you were struggling hopefully that helps!


Alyssa said...

Thanks for that, Leah! That does help us out. We still need to get him another little something. Which Bionicles does he have?

Love your Christmas card...thanks!

Leah W said...

He has so many that there would be no way for me to figure it out.

I would just pick one that was in your price range and get that. He may not have it. We haven't bought him that many recently so I think the chances are good he won't have it.

Glad you got your card. Have you sent some out yet? I haven't checked my mail in a day or two.

Alyssa said...

We are sending ours with Matt and Linds for everyone b/c money is tight right now. We are sending all of our other Christmas cards to everyone else by email this year. Chris is designing it. I will email it to you all too:).

Okay, we will do our best with the Bionicle. Chris loves that stuff. Or legos...he loves those too:).