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Friday, December 7, 2007

Thursday Night

Every Wednesday and Thursday night I have youth group. On Wednesdays Kobe has AWANA and on Thursdays Kobe usually goes to Mark & Cindy's house even though there is daycare for all the leaders kids. Last night was my night in "kiddie care" and Mark & Cindy were busy so it was a good night for Kobe to come with me. It is so cute seeing Kobe interact with the other kids and I can't help but compare him to the other kids. I like to see how tall he is next to kids his age, see how he handles people taking toys from him, you know, stuff like that.
Kobe and I had a lot of fun together last night, I love that :)


gram said...

I know that I always did look at my children and how they interacted with other kids and how they behaved, how they did things compared to kids their age. That is becaused we love them so much. I bet Kobe does well compared to the other kids her age. Love, Gram