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Monday, March 29, 2010

Things with K

Saturday K went with his adoption worker to Chuck E Cheese to "play" with a family who wanted to meet him. They are a nice couple who have one biological child, 9 years old.

K had fun. He loves his adoption worker, especially since she has started to pick him up and take him for play dates. I can tell he thinks something is up. I don't know what they say to him while he is with them, so maybe he knows WAY more than he should. I don't know.

The way everything got left on Saturday is that they would love to see him as much as possible over the next month and that (because they are licensed foster parents) after that if they are still interested in adopting him he would get moved to their house as a foster child while they start/finish the adoption.

One neat thing that really has me happy is that the father in this family is the same "color" :) as K. I think it would be AWESOME for K to have a male role model that looks like him and is a good man! What a blessing that would be! Plus, I think K needs to be the youngest for a while and get doted on. He craves that attention and I know I haven't been able to give him as much attention as he would like.

On the flip side of all this, K's odd/disturbing behavior has not stopped. The things this child says are just...bothersome. Within 15 minutes this morning he had said two very disturbing things. He does this thing where he says what he is thinking out loud but its like he is trying to tell himself not to do something he really wants to do.

For example, if he wants to hit S and he is thinking about it and I am around he says, "I don't wanna hit S" in this certain tone that is the same every time he does it. Now, when I say the things he says are disturbing I don't mean him talking about hitting someone, it is usually a highly inappropriate comment.

And, yes, I do worry about what this family will decide after he has been in their home for a while. Once his guard is down and they start to understand what he is doing who knows what they will think. I hope so badly all these behaviors leave him when he leaves our home but that is so unlikely. I have been talking with the adoption worker about this in hopes that we can prepare them for it so they will be ready to deal with it.

So, for now, he will have more visits with them and we will see what happens.


StarfishMom said...

sounds like a step in the right direction...

Have you asked him why he talks like that? Or who told him to talk like that? I would sit and hold him tight and explain to him that you want him to talk to you and for him to feel comfortable enough to share his feelings with you but the things that he feels are not good feelings... It's kinda scary unless you know how to 'help' him emotionally through training. :::praying:::

Foster mama K said...

I've written that same post a million times. I am so worried our Lil guy is going to end up back in foster care after being place with his adoptive family.

I totally get the disturbing comments thing too. Lil' Man says some off the wall stuff, that makes me question his future. Good luck, i'll be thinking about you al

the johnson crew said...

praying for you and little K.