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Friday, March 12, 2010

This is what we do

It is fun for me and my sister to live so close to each other. Having kids very close in age helps too :) We can do a lot of the same things and if we find a good distraction for the kids we sometimes even get to talk to each other in stead of the kids!

Down the road from us is "Safari Playground". I wish I had taken better pictures. It is a really nice place. It has 2 very large play structures and a smaller one for the littler kids. The kids had fun running, sliding, chasing, and bouncing around in these. It kept them busy for quite a while and no whining :)

Speaking of Noah, pictured below, we are having his birthday party this weekend! It got post poned 'cuz he got sick and then Bobbie got sick too. Right now I am trying to dream up a "Bug" cake to decorate for him. I actually have been sketching it out and I never do that so it better turn out good!


gram said...

The way you make cakes it will turn out great and taste super also. Looks like the kids were having a good time. Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow.

the johnson crew said...

i wish so bad my sister could live close to us, at least one of them! how awesome!

looks like a lot of fun! you are such a fun mamma!

Vicki Aeschliman said...

Your cakes are always good!