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Tuesday, April 3, 2007


Our Brooklyn is 3 Years Old! A few Sundays ago Shelly and Jay thru Brooklyn her 3rd birthday party, can you believe it? I cannot believe how our kids are growing. Anyway, Brook could not have looked cuter, between the pigtails and short jean jumper she looked adorable. The kids had lots of fun, Kobe and Brook had a great time together. Brook got lots of new toys and some new clothes, but I think her favorite present was from Aunt Leah and Uncle Ben (I can say that because this is my blog ha ha). WE got her the plastic talking Dora backpack (which she didn't even get to touch until some of her other cousins left ;) ) and a giant coloring book, Strawberry Shortcake of course. We all had a great time at her party, what a great little girl she is!


Shelly Marie said...

Well, of course she is cute!!! Yes, the Dora backpack is her favorite!!. =) Love ya