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Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Chocolate Weather...

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Shelly & Brooklyn came over tonight so Shelly could cut Ben's hair & Kobe's and she brought THE PICTURES! :) lol, I'm just kidding. Brooklyn learned a new work tonight from Kobe (and it wasn't even a bad one! lol) the word was "ingredients". They had this plastic tub and they were mixing toys together to make things that Shelly, Ben and I were all supposed to eat. It was funny how many times Brooklyn tried out her "new word" tonight.
So, anyway, here is the cutest video of Shelly asking the kids questions about the Easter bunny while Jason got Grandma's egg hunt ready in the living room.
(listen closely to the video to see why I named this post "Chocolate Weather")


Shelly Marie said...

This video is still my all time favortie!!! =)