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Monday, April 9, 2007

Happy Day After Easter!

Well, Easter was crazy this year as usual, but this year we had only one place to visit so that was nice! We had lots of fun with kobe and brooklyn, they are quite a pair. brooklyn kept putting teddy down for a nap and then telling everyone that we were disturbing his nap. it was quite humorous. She looked so cute in her green dress with white pokadots. ( I forgot our camers so I will post some pictures once I steal them from shelly ) and if I do say so myself, kobe looked cute in his white shirt and corduroy blazer. We had a great time, it was nice to talk to Matt and Lindsay and Chris, Alyssa and Kendra at the end of the day too. I hope everyone's Easter was wonderful, but most of all I hope that we all didn't miss the point of Easter...We have a risen Savior!
In church we saw a lot of people come to know Christ. What a blessing it was to see grown men and women with tears in their eyes experiencing God, coming to know HIM for the first time. Finally ready to receive HIM into their lives and having the assurence that they are going to heaven when they die! What an Easter it was at THE POINT. The Spirit of God moved in a great way. I specifically remember one grey hair gentlemen. He looked like he probably had gone grey a little earlier than most. He was dressed in a dark blue long sleeve t-shirt and jeans. I saw him raise his hand out of the corner of my eye when Pastor Jim asked if anyone wanted to be saved today. After Jim lead them all in a prayer, we all stood up and I watched him. He stood, Bible clutched in his left hand, with tears in his eyes. Jim asked if the people who had just asked Christ into their heart to give him a chance to meet them and hug them by coming forward when the music started. The man I was watching wasn't the first to go, inside my self I was praying that God would give him the courage to walk up and meet pastor, and eventually he did. He made my Easter.


Wentzel Weekly said...

You are such a good blogger, Leah! I love the new pics, and update! Did you find the dropshots.com information for uploading video? A lot of my friends use that one, and say it is easy. I just haven't had time to figure it out yet.

Leah W said...

I am glad you mentioned that link again, I am going to try it soon. I am so mad I forgot out camera at home, but I am going to pull a funny video off of shelly's camera, hopefully, from Easter and post it soon!

Wentzel Weekly said...

cool! I will look forward to it. Then you will have to fill me in on how easy it is so I can do it next:)! The hard part is actually getting a chance to get the camera from Chris. He uses it so much for work, ya know?
Kendra's Easter pics won't even be in for another couple of weeks. Better late than never though, right? You are going to love it. The pose she did is so funny. She is becoming quite used to photo shoots...so scary, I know:)!
Love you & miss you. Thanks for being such a good blogger and posting all the great stuff. I LOVE the new story you blogged as well as the new pics of Caleb.