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Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Visiting the Easter Bunny

After my LONG month of double the amount of business I usually do and planning a wedding in literally 30 days I decided it was time to have a fun day for Kobe. I had to return his tux to Great Lakes Crossing so I decided we would hit every fun thing to do for kids in the mall. We took the tux back and then we hit "The Children's Place". Yes, The Children's Place is a clothing store for kids, but in this new and improved store the also have a play area for the kids. They have these video games that are hard to explain, but I will try. They have big flat screen tvs on the wall and a video camera above them. The child stands on these to feet painted on the floor and they are "in the video game" via the camera on the wall. It is neat to see how cordinated your child is able to be in these screens. Trust me, it isn't easy, Ben and I have tried them out. So after that we decided to hit "the kids in the mall" which is what Kobe has called the food court play area ever since he could talk. He got a BLUE balloon from Sulvan Learning Center who was giving free balloons away and the ran around the play area a few times. After that he decided that he was hungery and we went to Sabarro's at got some pizza (which has now become Kobe's favorite food of choice...I hope he got Uncle Matt's metabolism to go along with his eating habits that seem so similar to Matt's). We got our food and then made sure to get a table where we could watch the kids getting there pictures done with the Easter Bunny. Now mind you every year our church has a gigantic Easter egg hunt and FREE picture with the Easter bunny, but none the less, how could I tell Kobe "no you can't got see the Easter bunny because it is going to cost me $11" lol So we went to see the Easter bunny and got our $11 picture. After that as we were walking into Jeepers (our final stop of the day) Kobe told me "Next time we come to the mall it will be your turn to do what you want." That made me smile...


Shelly Marie said...

Aww...thats sweet!!! I just love that boy!! =)

gram said...

Sounds like Kobe had a great time at the mall. So now Leah when is it your turn at the mall to have fun???