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Tuesday, April 10, 2007

I did it Alyssa!

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Alyssa told me about a website where I could host my videos and share them on the blog. It was pretty easy, especially if you are used to photobucket and other websites like that.
Tonight (Tuesday night) has now officially become our only real family night. So tonight we were hanging around after dinner and Kobe pulled out the bubbles that Grandma Wentzel gave Kobe for easter (along with a ton of other stuff in a really fun easter egg hunt and their house), so even though it was chilly, we went out on the porch and blew bubbles. I though it would be a great time to try out this video stuff too!


Wentzel Weekly said...

cool, now you have to email me how to do it:)lol! many of my blogging friends just say its easy with no instructions:)! I will have to try it out with Chris helping me once, so I can do it too. I love video so much better than just pics (I should, right:)). Thanks for sharing that. He is just such a big kid now...wow!!