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Thursday, April 26, 2007

Our New House

this is the family room, this is the first project we are going to rip in to! we are going to take all the paneling down and rip out this crazy built in thing that it in there and update everything :) we are so excited!!!

This is the formal living room (which I am SO excited to have) it doesn't need that much work

this is the view from what will be Kobe's room, our yard goes all the way back to the white fence and is pretty wide too.

This is the master (the bedrooms are a little small, but are ok)

This is the main bathroom (the house has a bath and a half, the half is pretty little, the full is decent size)

Here is our crazy basement with a wall entirely covered in tile mirrors :)
We are excited to rip into this large space and use it for something great (once we figure out what)

Here is our fire place

Well, today we had the inspector come thru and take a look at everything. We went with a very highly recomended inspector and he checked EVERYTHING, from top to bottom. He did a great job. After seeing everything we were happy that there are no big issues, just tiny stuff here and there, so we are going ahead with the sale! Here are some pictures I snapped today.


shelly said...

You are goin to have an awesome back yard for Kobe and the dog! =) They are goin to love it. =) Well, if you need any help just let me know. =)