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Saturday, June 16, 2007

The after-math-TIRED

It is 10:41 PM! What a great, exhausting, day! We slept in and then got ready to go to the reunion. We all stopped to get "a dish to pass" and then we were off. It was great to see Grandma Ghent and everyone else. The kids loved just running around, it was so nice. Grandma got a little choked up because it was the first reunion since Bill died. She so enjoyed holding Caleb and seeing all the grandkids, it was cute hearing her call Kobe her "special boy" (I am sure she has a few of them, but ut was cute none the less).

We missed you folks out in SC, hopefully next year we can all come. We all took tons of great pictures that I will post when we get back.

PS you guys remember the lighthouse on the pier we ALWAYS walk out to? We actually got to go up in it this year!

There are so many other fun things we did we will have to share later!


Shelly Marie said...

I am soooo tired, but it was sooo worth seeing the kids have so much fun together!! I just LOVE them sooo much!!! Poor Great-Grandma Ghent, she was having such a hard time today!! I love her to death! What AWESOME weather God gave us! love you! =)