"God gives us dreams a size too big so that we can grow into them."

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

For all of you that were worried...

...I finally cleaned the bathroom so I am allowing myself to get back on "The Blog"....

yesterday night ben, kobe and I went to a scrimage game for mark's softball team over at the church. I didn't really watch the game (I never really do at any sporting event) but I had so much fun talking with Karen (who is up from Florida) Kelly, (who is home form college) and Peggy (from Wren in the Willow).

Also, our son Kobe, I think you may all know him, is officially a lady's man. Dear goodness, parents, lock up your daughters! He had 3 girls VERY into him last night and goodness help me if the one very close to his own age wasn't as bad as he is!!! I hope that this is not a view into things to come, but I think it may have been. He hugged all the girls goodbye (reminds me of ben at OCA) and they were all SO excited that he was going to be at church on Wednesday night.

Anyway, it was hilarious. He was so funny about it.