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Wednesday, June 20, 2007


One "Kawasaki Childrens Battery Operated Harmonica" was found today in one Ben Wentzel's Superman gift bag. I don't know if Ben accidentally picked it up or if one Shelly Whitehead or Jason Whitehead slipped this into Ben's bag as to not have the toy make it home with their daughter who LOVED this toy, but regardless, it has been found and I assure you it will make it back to it's rightful own.


Jaywhitehead said...

So picture this:

Leah was focused on her "all you can eat" plate of strawberry pancakes. Ben was shocked that Leah would not share one bite of her precious pancakes with anyone else at the table.

This was the moment I had been waiting for. I carefully removed Ben's Father's Day card and shirt, and stuffed that musical device from the devil in the bottom of the bag.

I think it was a stroke of genius! My only regret is that I wish Kobe could have enjoyed that toy all the way home from Ludington!

cindy said...

I can't believe that my son would deprive his wonderful beautiful daughter of her harmonica that her wonderful loving grandma bought her at the family reunion. I am not sure that Brooke or grandma will ever recover.........

Sad so sad,
Grandma ;)

Leah Wentzel said...

Yes, that it what I thought!!! Don't worry, it is safe and sound...Brooklyn will get it back

And, for the record, I ate less than 1/2 of my breakfast, from what I remember you ate most of yours. That may have been because yours were not covered in 17 pints of strawberries, but whatever...