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Sunday, June 17, 2007

We are home!!!

The drive home seemed a lot faster than the drive there (that may have been because I fell asleep) but we are home!

After we unpacked the car we went and picked up my poor little Rupert from Bobbie & Dave's house. (Thank You so MUCH!!!!)

I was/am so tired, I really could not sleep on the matress at the motel but besides that everything was fabulous! We had so much fun being with everyone, we really needed a weekend away and it is fun to do it with family.

Well, I am sure Grandma Corey is going to kick me for not posting my pictures from the reunion right away but I finally got the pictures from my sister's wedding that I wanted to share!

The cake I made for Bobbie's wedding

This is my favorite picture from the wedding (Bobbie & my Grandma Neighbors)

Bobbie's Family


Wentzel Weekly said...

Wow! We haven't been on here in forever! It was nice to catch up on your lives, and see new pictures/video etc.
Great job on the wedding cake, Leah!