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Friday, June 15, 2007

Yea! We are here!

We left around 12:30 pm to go to LUDINGTON! We got here around 4 pm, the trip up went great!

We all immediately met at the beach and the kids play (very hard) with Grandma Wentzel & Grandpa. The lake is so shallow so far out, Kobe loved it. After that we all went out to dinner, then to go-karts. Brooklyn skinned up both her knees before riding in the go kart, but she had fun anyway. Then we went to the play ground at the beach and pushed the kids on the swing. After that it was to "house of flavors" for ice cream. We went to a little park and ate while the kids played "American Idol" which is so funny and the kids ran around like crazy.

After an interesting trip to Walgreens we are all back at Snyder's Inn.

Tommorrow is the reunion!


Shelly Marie said...

Oh yes....American Idol, very CUTE!
Walgreens, out of control!! =) The tree a little scary!! =) What a fun time!! :)